2013 Annual Report: Spreading Innovation Through Collaboration

Our latest Annual Report celebrates the John A. Hartford Foundation’s long track record of pooling resources, talents, and expertise by collaborating with other foundations, government agencies, organizations, and individuals who share our vision and goals.


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Touched By a Hartford Grant? You are a Change AGEnt!

The Hartford Change AGEnts initiative is harnessing the collective strengths and expertise of Hartford grantees, scholars, and other health system leaders to create change in the practice environment to improve the health of older adults, their families, and communities.


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If you are a scholar in geriatric medicine, nursing, and social work who has been supported by Hartford, a curent or past grantee, or worked with any of our projects at any time, you are a Hartford Change AGEnt and we want to support you! Join the Change AGEnts community and work with us to accelerate practice change that improves the health of older adults. For all the latest information, visit ChangeAGEnts365.org

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Recently, the John A. Hartford Foundation has awarded grants to a second cohort of nonprofit community health clinics in the WWAMI (Washington, Wyoming, Alaska, Montana, Idaho) region. In addition to the $1.94 millon awarded last year, the Foundation now funds depression care at a total of eight community health clinics under this initiative, all of which are funded by grant dollars from the Social Innovation Fund, a White House initiative and program of the Corporation for National and Community Service.

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Hartford Trustees Kathryn D. Wriston, left, and Lile R. Gibbons, at a recent reception honoring them as personal supporters of the MSTAR program.

The Medical Student Training in Aging Research (MSTAR) program is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. Marcus Escobedo reports on a recent reception honoring Hartford Foundation Trustees and other individuals who have personally donated to the sustainability of this remarkable summer internship program, which has drawn more than 2,000 physicians-in-training into the field of geriatrics and aging research. Continue reading

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Grants At Work

The John A. Hartford Foundation Communications & Dissemination Initiative: Building Your Bandwidth for Better Communication  

Effective communication is essential if we hope to achieve our common goal of improving the health of older adults. We must clearly articulate the problems and special needs of older people in our health care system to focus the attention of policy makers, health system leaders, and the general public. We must translate the scientific and technical language of the promising solutions our grantees have created into comprehensible and implementable ideas.

This is why the John A. Hartford Foundation has invested in our Communications and Dissemination Initiative, and why we are sharing some of the resources and tools we have developed with our network of grantees and friends.

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Featured Report

Spreading Innovation Through Collaboration: 2013 Annual Report  

The John A. Hartford Foundation has a long track record of collaborating with other foundations, levels of government, organizations, and individuals who share our vision and goals. These partnerships are a two-way street that benefit and extend the reach of all concerned. By pooling resources, talents, and expertise, we create a path for our mission that is more lasting and sustainable. This 2013 Annual Report celebrates these very partnerships by focusing on how the Foundation is "Spreading Innovation Through Collaboration."

Since 2000, the Hartford Foundation has authorized grants totaling $398.3 million to improve the health of older adults. Our partners—currently 104 academic institutions, nonprofit organizations, governmental agencies, and other philanthropies who work closely and diligently with us to help improve the health of older adults—have allowed us to leverage and magnify our funding investments to far greater effect than they ever could have achieved on their own. In fact, during the past 14 years, our partnerships have amplified the Foundation’s $398 million investment in older adult health to nearly $2 billion in funding for other related projects—a 500 percent return on investment.

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RT @JHARTFOUND: Did you hear the #NPR piece this AM on end of life care feat. @DianeEMeier and Jeremy Boal? pic.twitter.com/sDBcQhQGGk
RT @LouiseAronson: Insightful, smart op-ed from @jasonkarlawish on how we did, do & might think of old age nytimes.com/2014/09/21/opi… #geriatri…
RT @JHARTFOUND: Did you hear the #NPR piece this AM on end of life care feat. @DianeEMeier and Jeremy Boal? pic.twitter.com/sDBcQhQGGk
If struggle btwn MDs & Insurers is cold war, this is bombing Cambodia or building Berlin Wall. Medicare does better! mobile.nytimes.com/2014/09/21/us/…