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Public Poll: “On Your Team: What Older Adults Think About Team Care and Medical Home Services”

The John A. Hartford Foundation is pleased to present the findings of “On Your Team,” its third public poll, examining older adults’ experiences and opinions of team care and the patient-centered medical home.

In “On Your Team,” older adults surveyed expressed high interest and positive experiences with the medical home. A large majority (83%) of those who say they already receive well-coordinated care from a team of providers say team care has improved their health. Even among older adults not currently receiving this type of care, 61 percent say they believe team care would improve their health, and 73 percent would want this type of care, the survey found.

For full information on the poll, please explore the following materials:

  • Health AGEnda blog post from Christopher Langston, PhD, program director of the Foundatoin
  • Topline poll results and Poll Memo by PerryUndem Research & Communication
  • Webinar slides from a briefing webinar featuring Christopher Langston, Tresa Undem, MA, Partner at PerryUndem Research & Communication, and David Dorr, MD, MS, Associate Professor and Vice Chair of Medical Informatics and Clinical Epidemiology at Oregon Health & Science University and co-creator of Care Management Plus, a medical home model for older patients.
  • A recording of that webinar can be accessed here.

Background on the poll
Older adults are some of the heaviest users of health care and have high rates of chronic disease but often get poorly coordinated care. Many health professionals believe that, when it comes to transforming primary care, the patient-centered medical home model, offering team care and enhanced primary care services, is the answer.

This survey of 1,107 adults 65+ was conducted by PerryUndem Research/Communications using Knowledge Networks and has a sampling margin of error of + 3.9 percentage points. It was released April 3, 2014.

Media coverage

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Georgia Health News: “Medical Homes Appeal to Many Doctors, Patients”

Becker’s Hospital Review: “Majority of Elderly Patients Prefer Coordinated ‘Team Care'”

AHCJ Covering Health blog: “Survey: Older patients like, want medical home”

Healthcare Informatics: “Lack of Coordinated Care is a Problems for Patients, Survey Finds


9 thoughts on “Public Poll: “On Your Team: What Older Adults Think About Team Care and Medical Home Services”

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  2. Pretty big survey. How long of a time period was the survey over in order to speak to so many people?

    • Dear Debbie – the survey is put into the field by Knowledge Networks, a research company that has a standing panel of Americans to respond to surveys and other requests. They do a great job ensuring that they are representative of the US population, or in this case the population of Older Americans. So the survey itself took 10-20 mins to answer per person and I believe the window for data collection was open for about 2 weeks to get all ~1100 respondents. Does that answer your question? – Chris

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