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Giving Thanks (even after Thanksgiving): News from the National Hartford Center of Gerontological Nursing Excellence

NHCGNE-logo_400pWhile the turkey (and leftovers) have long been consumed, dishes washed, and guests departed, we continue to give thanks at the John A. Hartford Foundation for the work of our grantees to improve the care of older adults.

Today, we thank the Gerontological Society of America (GSA) for their 3.5 years of partnership with the National Hartford Center of Gerontological Nursing Excellence (NHCGNE). And with great excitement, we announce that, effective January 2016, the National Hartford Center will relocate to the Hartford Institute for Geriatric Nursing in order to build on the success achieved to date at GSA and to enhance the momentum of our growing membership.

Since 2000, the focus of the work of the National Hartford Center has been to prepare new academic gerontological nursing leaders and enhance the gerontological nursing expertise of current faculty. Much has been accomplished during the National Hartford Center’s time at GSA: the center has grown its annual Academic Leadership Conference and married the work of the National Hartford Center with that of our more than 300-plus nursing alumni member organization (formerly known as the Hartford Gerontological Nursing Leaders).

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Congratulations to Our 2015 GSA Award Winners!

GSA2015banner300The Gerontological Society of America (GSA) has been one of the John A. Hartford Foundation’s key grantee partners for more than 20 years. The organization is now the home of the John A. Hartford Foundation Change AGEnts Initiative, which is helping interprofessional alumni of our programs work together in exciting new ways to make practice and policy changes that improve the care of older adults.

As a Fellow of the society who had the privilege of serving as president of the organization’s board, I know first-hand how important GSA is to the entire field of aging. The GSA annual scientific meeting has always been a highlight for me, and that’s especially true this year, as it’s my first time attending as President of the John A. Hartford Foundation. As always, I am thrilled to learn about the latest aging science across the spectrum of academic disciplines. And at this year’s conference in Orlando, I also get to engage with grantees to learn more about their work, and with leaders in the field to discuss the Foundation’s important efforts, which have often supported many of these individuals.

As it does every year, the GSA awards program features many of these Foundation-supported leaders among those being honored. We congratulate the following awardees and look forward to continuing to work with them and others to advance better care for our aging population:

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Why Grantmakers In Aging Is Important

GIA2015_logo_300pEach year, the program staff of the John A. Hartford Foundation attend a three-day meeting with foundations known as Grantmakers In Aging (GIA), an affinity group representing local, regional and national funders that share our interest in improving the lives of older adults.

Some funders, like the John A. Hartford Foundation, are focused on improving the health of older adults. Others focus on a diverse range of interests, including the provision of direct services, arts and aging, economic security, age-friendly communities, and workforce.

There are two main reasons why the GIA annual conference is one of the most important events of the year for me and my colleagues at the John A. Hartford Foundation:

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Exploring Opportunities to Collaborate with the CDC to Improve Care of Older Adults


Photo by James Gathany, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

All of us at the John A. Hartford Foundation have a deep appreciation and respect for the work that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) do to safeguard the health of our nation and promote healthy aging.

So when I received an invitation from John Auerbach, the CDC’s associate director for policy, to come to Atlanta for a day of discussion about possible opportunities for the John A. Hartford Foundation and the CDC to collaborate on efforts to improve the care of older adults, I enthusiastically said yes.

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The Palliative Care Imperative at End of Life:
Learning, Leading Together

From right, Amy Berman, Terry Fulmer, Jon Broyles, and Bud Hammes engage in the convening.

From right, JAHF’s Amy Berman and Terry Fulmer, Jon Broyles of C-TAC, and Bud Hammes of Respecting Choices engage in the convening.

Imagine Shirley, an 84-year-old woman with end stage renal failure. Her clinician has proposed continuing a daily dialysis treatment that will extend her life, but that is exhausting and uncomfortable. Overwhelmed by her condition, Shirley has little ability to articulate that she may want something different from her care, and her family is similarly unprepared to help her seek out or weigh any available alternatives—for example, medication and homecare.

What would it take to ensure that Shirley and the millions like her at the end of their lives each year receive the high-quality care that meets their unique needs? To help answer this question, the John A. Hartford Foundation (JAHF) recently convened a meeting at its offices in New York City focused on “End of Life and Serious Illness,” gathering leading innovators in the field and funders with deep interest in this area.

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Hartford Grantees, Friends Shine at AGS Annual Meeting

National_Harbor_400pMost of our John A. Hartford Foundation staff have come to the banks of the Potomac River in National Harbor, MD, this week for the annual scientific meeting of long-time grantee and partner, the American Geriatrics Society (AGS). It’s always a great opportunity to catch up with valued friends and colleagues, learn about the latest advances in aging and health research, and celebrate those who have made important contributions to the field.

This year is no exception. In fact, it is gratifying to see how many of those being honored by AGS this week have been part of the Hartford Foundation community, through grants, scholarships, fellowships, and partnerships.

Steven R. Counsell, MD

Steven R. Counsell, MD

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For Improving the Nursing Care of Older Adults, It’s ACE.S in My Book

ACE.S: Advancing Care Excellence for Seniors

Click on cover to read or download a PDF of the report.

Meet Millie Larsen.

Millie is an 84-year-old Caucasian female who lives alone in a small house. Her husband, Harold, died a year ago.

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Hartford Foundation and CMMI Work Together to Spread Hospital at Home Model

Caregiving_400pFor two decades, the John A. Hartford Foundation has invested in the development and spread of the Hospital at Home model of care, which provides safe, high-quality, hospital-level care to older adults with select conditions in the comfort of their own home.

Over those years, studies have consistently shown that the model delivers improved care and outcomes at lower costs. But adoption has been limited, leading us to conclude that Hospital at Home was ahead of its time.

Now, its time has come. The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation (CMMI), part of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), awarded a $9.6 million Health Care Innovation Award to the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai—in consultation with Johns Hopkins University—to test a version of Hospital at Home called the Mobile Acute Care Team (MACT).

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Hartford Grantees Recognized at GSA

2014_GSA_Meeting_Logo_300pFor almost 20 years, the Gerontological Society of America (GSA) has been one of the John A. Hartford Foundation’s key grantee partners.

The organization served first as the home of the Geriatric Social Work Initiative (GSWI), then as the coordinating center for the National Hartford Center of Gerontological Nursing Excellence (NHCGNE) , and most recently, as the basecamp of the Hartford Change AGEnts Initiative.

So the GSA annual meeting, being held this week in Washington, DC, is a tremendous opportunity to connect with long-standing friends and meet new ones in the field of aging, as well as to check in on long-ago grants and plan new ones.

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Building the Field of Palliative Care Together

Funders share information on investments in palliative care at the recent convening.

Funders share information on investments in palliative care at the recent convening spearheaded by the Hartford Foundation.

Palliative care is an essential component of care for the seriously ill. Yet, the term is often misunderstood by policymakers, the public, health care providers, and, no surprise, even those in philanthropy.

The John A. Hartford Foundation has been a longtime supporter of the spread of high-quality palliative care through its funding of the Center to Advance Palliative Care (CAPC), led by Diane Meier, MD (see Celebrating CAPC and Our 500th Blog Post!). Dr. Meier often refers to palliative care as an “extra layer of support” for the seriously ill and their families.

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