Dedicated to improving the care of older adults

Founded in 1929 by John and George Hartford of the Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company (A & P), The John A. Hartford Foundation, based in New York City, is a private, nonpartisan philanthropy dedicated to improving the care of older adults.

Our efforts are critically important because the country is aging rapidly. 10,000 people turn 65 every day. The largest-ever generation of older adults is living and working longer, redefining later life, and enriching our communities and society. Comprehensive, coordinated, and continuous care that keeps older adults as healthy as possible is essential to sustaining these valuable contributions.

The John A. Hartford Foundation believes that investments in aging experts and innovations will transform how care is delivered, lowering costs and improving outcomes for older adults and their families. To this end, the Foundation's strategic framework includes five inter-related approaches:

  • Leadership in Action: Empowering emerging leaders and experts in the care of older adults to make change that improves the health of older adults.  
  • Linking Education and Practice: Training current practitioners in today's best care of older adults while continuously enhancing curricula needed for the care of tomorrow's older population.
  • Models of Care: Making evidence-based models that deliver quality care with better outcomes at a lower cost accessible to older adults.
  • Tools and Measures for Quality Care: Promoting quality measures, health information technology, and standards that support appropriate care for older adults.
  • Public Policy & Communications: Outreach, advocacy, and research that inform the development of effective health and aging policies.

We believe that investments that link these approaches will transform how care is delivered in health systems and communities and in turn lead to dramatic improvements in the health of all older adults.

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