About Us

The mission of the John A. Hartford Foundation is to improve the health of older Americans.

Based in New York City, the John A. Hartford Foundation was founded in 1929 by the family owners of the A&P grocery chain. After an early history of funding pioneering biomedical research, for the last three decades the Foundation has been a champion of research and education in geriatric medicine, nursing, and social work.  Under the new strategic plan, the Foundation focues its grantmaking in the following five areas:

  • Interprofessional Leadership in Action, empowering health care professionals, individually and collectively to use their geriatrics expertise and change how health care is delivered to our aging society.
  • Linking Education and Practice, training current practitioners in today's best care, building into education the skills needed for tomorrow's care.
  • Developing and Disseminating Models of Care, supporting evidence-based innovations to improve health outcomes for older adults while lowering costs.
  • Tools and Measures for Quality Care, promoting measures, standards, and health information technology that support appropriate care for older adults, particularly those with mulitiple chronic conditions and complex medical and social needs.
  • Public Policy & Communications, advancing the Foundation's nonpartisan mission and the work of grantees through communications, advocacy, and research that inform the development of effective health and aging policies.

Recognizing that its commitment alone is not sufficient to realize the improvements it seeks, the John A. Hartford Foundation invites and encourages innovative partnerships with other funders, as well as public, non-profit and private groups dedicated to improving the health of older adults.

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Visit our Grants & Strategy page for information about our funding priorities and see our Funding Guidelines regarding our grantmaking process.