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One thought on “The Future of Aging

  1. Thank you Rachael for your story as it so closely relates to my own experience. When exploring MSW programs in 1993, I only found four in the country that had some specialization in aging (disclaimer: it was harder to find out these characteristics in the pre-internet age). I am now heartened by the number of geriatric/gerontological social work programs and joint social work/gerontology schools that are blossoming in this country and abroad. Just as a social work orientation to individuals, families, and social systems offers a unique and holistic perspective on the human experience, geriatric/gerontological social work expands that perspective along longitudinal lines adding a layer of depth and complexity that only the process of “aging” can provide. Hail to those who choose this infinitely fascinating career – I am forever grateful to have enrolled in one school among the four!

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