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The 2013 Hartford Foundation Annual Report
Part III: Partners in Change

This is the last in a three-part Health AGEnda series on the Hartford Foundation’s 2013 Annual Report: Spreading Innovation Through Collaboration.

JAHFAR13_cover_300Collaboration is everything—creating meaningful and measurable change rarely, if ever, happens in a vacuum.

Here at the John A. Hartford Foundation, we recognize the importance of forging longstanding relationships. Identifying, nurturing, and sustaining productive partnerships have been a critical element of Hartford’s success.

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Geriatric Nursing Leadership Academy Achieves Impressive Results


The latest cohort of fellows in Sigma Theta Tau International’s Geriatric Nursing Leadership Academy pose for a group photo with their leadership mentors, faculty, and representatives of Sigma Theta Tau and the Hartford Foundation.

I recently traveled to Indianapolis, home to Sigma Theta Tau International, the honor society of nursing. There I met six very special individuals, competitively selected as fellows in Sigma’s Geriatric Nursing Leadership Academy.

The Geriatric Nursing Leadership Academy aims to prepare and position geriatric-expert nurses as leaders within the interprofessional health care delivery environment. The fellows I had the honor of meeting expressed an unwavering commitment to developing their influence and impact in hospitals, nursing homes, and home health to benefit vulnerable elders.

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The 2013 Hartford Foundation Annual Report:
Spreading Innovation Through Collaboration

JAHFAR13_cover_300I shake a lot of hands. In 1907, President Theodore Roosevelt set a world record for heads of state by shaking 8,513 hands in a single day at a White House reception. While the program staff of the John A. Hartford Foundation have yet to come close, we certainly recognize the value of the handshake and its role in promoting partnerships.

Partnership is the focus of our 2013 annual report Spreading Innovation Through Collaboration. According to our Executive Director, Cory Rieder: “Partnering defines our work and is a major strategy of the Foundation. We do more to improve the health of older adults by actively seeking out and working with partners who share our mission. None of us can do it alone.”

Since 2000, Hartford has made grants totaling over $398 million to improve the health of our aging society. Capitalizing on the handshake, we have partnered with 104 government agencies, foundations, and other institutions generating a total of $1.97 billion in related funding in health and aging. Hand in hand with our partners, 74 percent of Hartford projects have external co-funders and over the past 13 years, $4.95 has been leveraged for every dollar of Hartford funding.

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Celebrate Independence!

Best Wishes for a Happy and Healthy Fourth of July from Health AGEnda and the John A. Hartford Foundation.

Aging and Health Trends Show Progress, But There Is Still Much Work to Do

ViewpointsHeader_400Recently, I had the privilege of discussing issues important to the John A. Hartford Foundation  on The Ohio State University’s podcast, Viewpoints of Innovative Health Care Leaders.

It was a great opportunity to talk about the key trends we see in health care today, what still needs to be done, the impact of the Affordable Care Act on aging, and how the Hartford Foundation is seeking to address these issues. The biweekly podcast provides a forum for leaders in the field to share the best evidence-based practices and emerging thoughts in health care.

It is hosted by Bernadette M. Melnyk, PhD, RN, associate vice president for health promotion, university chief wellness officer, and dean of The Ohio State University College of Nursing. I’d like to thank Bernadette, who was dean of the Arizona State University College of Nursing and Health Innovation when it became a Hartford Center of Gerontological Nursing Excellence, for inviting me on the program. You can listen to the podcast by visiting Viewpoints of Innovative Health Care Leaders. The full interview is about 15 minutes, and is divided into five sections by topic.

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Coming to Terms with the Concept of Population Health

Crowd_481008763_400Like a lot of new concepts, population health seems to be on everyone’s lips and there seems to be a lot of excitement to “do” population health. It sure sounds good and yet I am entirely unclear about the specifics and I’m pretty sure that everyone is feeling a different part of the elephant.

Unfortunately, a recent paper published on BMJ Open suggests that these divergent views are common.

We can all understand the goals of the triple aim: better care—higher quality health care with fewer defects; better health—a related but independent goal that the population at large is actually healthier; and lower cost, at least on a per capita basis—reducing total costs of care.

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New Grants Target Policy and Practice Change

One of the Hartford Foundation's new grants will support an additional 44 Health and Policy Fellows over the next three years who will bring geriatric expertise to policymakers and in turn receive intensive training in policymaking through placements at key agencies and offices in the federal government.

One of the Hartford Foundation’s new grants will support an additional 44 Health and Policy Fellows over the next three years.

While the two new grants approved by the John A. Hartford Foundation Board of Trustees last week continue to move us forward in our new strategic direction, which includes a focus on health policy and practice change, they also build on partnerships and successful work we have engaged in for years.

The grants totaling $2.13 million will support an additional 44 Health and Aging Policy Fellows (HAPF) over the next three years and help co-support a new Institute of Medicine (IOM) study on family caregiving of older adults. Both projects also offer great opportunities for our new Hartford Change AGEnts to bring their talents, expertise, and skills to bear on important issues related to creating policy and practice change that improves the health of older Americans.

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Narrative Matters, The Next Chapter: Amy Berman Reflects On ‘Living Life In My Own Way’

Amy Berman speaks at TEDMED's  Great Challenges in Health Care in 2013.

Amy Berman speaks at TEDMED’s Great Challenges in Health Care in 2013.

Editor’s Note: In this post, originally published on Health Affairs Blog, Amy Berman shares more of her story as a person living with stage IV cancer who has chosen a palliative care approach.

She contributes  regularly to Health AGEnda about her experiences and how they relate to the John A. Hartford Foundation’s support for palliative care for older adults facing serious illness. In March 2014, the Hartford Foundation awarded a new grant to the Center to Advance Palliative Care (CAPC) to build on the successful spread of hospital-based palliative care and move these services into care settings outside the hospital.

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Join the Hartford Change AGEnts Online Community!

From left, Cherie Brunker, Meg Wallhagen, Rosanne Leipzig, and Aanand Naik put their pieces of the puzzle together to complete the picture at the recent Change AGEnts event at the AGS annual meeting.

From left, Cherie Brunker, Meg Wallhagen, Rosanne Leipzig, and Aanand Naik put their pieces of the puzzle together to complete the picture at the recent Change AGEnts event at the AGS annual meeting.

For the thousands of researchers and clinicians who have been a part of the John A. Hartford Foundation’s programs during the past three decades, we are pleased to invite you to put your geriatrics expertise to work by becoming an active Hartford Change AGEnt.

You can now enroll in the online Change AGEnts Community, where you can find other Change AGEnts and work together to make our health care system better for older adults and their families.

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Opportunity’s Knocking: Reflections from HGNL Chair Dr. Bill Buron

Dr. Bill Buron

Dr. Bill Buron

In November 2013, Bill Buron, PhD, APRN, Clinical Assistant Professor and
Assistant Dean for Nursing at the College of Nursing NW Arkansas Program, began his term as Chair of the Hartford Gerontological Nursing Leaders (HGNL), assuming the helm from Casey Shillam, PhD, RN. I asked Bill, as leader of the 250-plus strong Hartford nursing organization, to reflect on the history of the HGNL and its future.

The work that HGNL does is vital, and what Dr. Buron has to say should be of interest to physicians, social workers, and everyone else who is working to improve the health of older adults.

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