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Old Friends Introduce New Friends?

As a way to keep in touch with developments in health care for older adults and feed the raging “Jhartfound” social media beast (joke), I have a series of Google searches running that send me an e-mail digest every night of new online content that uses terms like geriatric, long-term care, gerontology, etc. (You wouldn’t believe how much material is online about “geriatric” pets.)

Recently I got a hit about a presentation (see below) that Helen Kao, a UCSF geriatric medicine faculty member (and GeriPal blogger), made to a group called Primary Care Progress. Curious, I followed the link. Helen’s presentation on GeriTraCCC, (Geriatrics Transitions, Consultation, and Comprehensive Care — descended I think from a Foundation grant) was part of TOM Talks: Transforming Outpatient Medicine.

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