"It is necessary to carve from the whole vast spectrum of human needs one small band that the heart and mind together tell you is the area in which you can make your best contribution.”

This has been the guiding philosophy of The John A. Hartford Foundation since its establishment in 1929. With funds from the bequests of its founders, John A. Hartford and his brother George L. Hartford, both former chief executives of the Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company (the A&P grocery chain), The John A. Hartford Foundation seeks to make its best contribution by supporting efforts to improve the care of older Americans.


To improve the care of older adults.

We believe that as a society we can and must improve care for older Americans to better meet their needs and maintain their independence and dignity. If we succeed, society will benefit from the continuing contribution of older people and from reductions in health care spending.


A nation where all older adults receive high-value evidence-based health care, are treated with respect and dignity, and have their goals and preferences honored. 



Healthy aging, equity, kindness, integrity, respect.



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